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PPR Intelligence system integrates the 4 common silos of data (billing system, accounts payable, budgeting and payroll) to provide a seamless review of your practice financials.

It is imperative that practices take the time to develop a daily monitoring tool to track key practice items.  The Daily KPI Summary is an example that practices can use to keep abreast of the daily financial acitivty.  Development of such a tracking tool allows one to respond quickly to changes in financial activity.

Effective financial management relies on key ratios to help monitor your practice.  Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) are helpful because it aggregates data to provide summarized information to quickly determine how your practice is performing.  Below are some sample reports that we have developed.  Please let us know if you need such information tailored for your practice.

The single largest expense for a given medical practice is labor.  Unless you take the time to properly track such costs, you cannot effectively manage it.  Below is a sample report we have created.  Please feel free to contact us to help design your personalized labor tracking tool.

Practices need to be mindful of their second largest expense- vaccines & injectables.  In order to properly manage related expenses, you need to track the key information to measure profitability.  Below are some tools to help you.  Please contact us if you need help developing a solution for your practice.


Physician Practice Review believes that in order to effectively negotiate third party reimbursement rates, they must prepare.  While PPR cannot guarantee a successful outcome, we feel confident that working with us maximizes your preparedness to engage in negotiations with various managed care organizations.  PPR is available to assist as either a support role completing the necessary financial analysis or a leadership role by handling the negotiations for your practice.

With the arrival of physician reimbursement increases associated with providing care for Medicaid recipients, it is important for providers to have a clear understanding of the financial impact. In order to provide a solid understanding of the expected increases, Physician Practice Review is pleased to offer statistical analysis of the upcoming changes.